Why are there so many fellow humans suffering from poverty and war?
Why do we not ask these sorts of questions daily and take action?


MONEY   Are we fully aware of how the financial system works?

We wake up every day without realizing that the controlled financial system is the cause to all of the suffering and repression in the world.


Our own everyday financial actions support this suffering and repression without the majority of us even knowing.


We want to state that this website has not been created to start some conspiracy or to preach. This website has been created to identify through various documentations, videos and links, the actual problems humanity faces every day and how financial actions and repressions are the cause. Starting from humanities past and how if this ´Mandatory System` doesn’t change in our very close future it could be the end of our race.


At least 60% of humanity suffers from poverty, war or disease. The financial system and the humans who control it as well as ourselves, are held responsible.


If we now start by showing more EMPATHY and to treat each other with EQUALITY no matter what race, color or religion, we could kick start a new logical system on EARTH.


We can wake up to a world full of UTOPIA by working together. And frankly, it’s a no brainer!

I believe we have started to ask more questions in our minds, but maybe we need to discuss things with one another and let the power of thought become a brighter sense of reality.


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